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Portables Accessories - Audio

Accessories for VX-160E, VX-180E, VX-231, VX-351/4E, V414/7E, VX424/7E

MH-37A4B, Earpiece with inline PTT/ Microphone, A08050001

VC-25, VOX Headset (VOX gain control  and PTT - VOX or PTT slider switch), A12060001

VH-215S, Light weight padded headset, Single Speaker, AAG49X001

VH-115S, Light weight headset w/ Boom mic, AAG48X001

MH-45B4B, Speaker Microphone Noise canceling, A13960007

MH-360S, Speaker Microphone Miniature type, AAF52X001

MH-450S, Speaker Microphone Small type, AAF53X001

Audio accessories for standard versions of the VX-821E, VX-824E,VX-829E, VX-921E, VX-924E and VX-929E radios.

VH-111, Over the head, heavy duty headset, AAE72X001

VH-121, 3-wire earpiece, mic, palm PTT switch, AAG21X001

VH-131,  2-wire earpiece, palm/mic PTT combo, AAE74X001

MH-50A7A*, Speaker Microphone Noise canceling, AAA75X004

MH-66A7A*, Submersable Speaker Microphone, AAE46X001

MH-66B7A*, Submersable Speaker Microphone, (w/PF key, toggle), AAE46X002



* Audio accessories for ATEX versions of the VX-821E, VX-824E,

VX-829E, VX-921E, VX-924E and VX-929E radios.

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