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VX-180E (CE) Portable VHF and UHF models

VX-180E - Two-Way Radio with 32 Channels
The VX-180E portable two-way radio delivers
the fundamental features you want.
Simple to operate which allows users to keep in
contact while still concentrating on the job in hand.
áIt is available in both 5W UHF and 5W VHF models.

Hardware features:
- 16 position rotary with stopá
- MIL 810 CDE
- 1 side button (programmable - dual function)á
- IP 54
- 3 front panel buttons (programmable - dual function)
- LCD 8 character display
- Accessory connector socket

Operator friendly controls and features include:
- Large rotary channel selectorá
- CTCSS / DCSá and 5 Tone Encode / Decode
- Rotary On/Off and volume controlá
- Emergency
- Large textured PTTá
- Stun / Revive / Kill
- Tri colour LEDáá
- Programmable channel spacing 12.5/20/25KHz
- Rugged die-cast chassisá
- Scan
- Dynamic Tx power controlá
- ARTS (Automatic Range Transpond System)

All VX-180E Portables include:
- Portable radioá
- Belt clip
- Choice of antennaá
- Accessory socket dust cover
- Choice of NiMH or Li Ion batteryá
- Userguide incorporating safety leaflet
- Desktop Rapid Charger for NiMH or Li Ion batteryá
- 12 months warranty

Important note: Options listed below - one of each item mustá be chosen.
i.e. Chose a radio, antenna, battery and charger option.

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